Music Festivals Ruining Your Bank Account? – January & February

Music festivals – notoriously muddy and gross but A LOT of fun! They cost so much moolah, so how can we attend them if they’re so expensive? I’m gonna let you into a little secret: how to get access to the music festival for no $$$ at all… just time and a wee bit of effort!

Become a volunteer!

Lost Paradise @ Glenworth Valley (28/12-1/1): AH! AH! Literally has some of my favourite Aussie names like Tash Sultana, Ball Park Music, PNAU… I’m overseas so make sure you go for me!

FIELD DAY @ The Domain (1/1 – New Year’s Day): Not even far away, so you have no excuse not to go! Plus, Cardi B is gonna B there! You’d be crazy to give this a miss (again, I’m so bummed to be away!!!! Please go for me!!!) (scroll to the bottom to find the volunteer application!!!)

Falls Music and Arts Festival @ Byron Bay (31/12-2/2): So it’s a lot further North but it looks so so sick regardless so you should DEFS go!

Sydney Festival @ All over Sydney (9/1-27/1): This was the first event I ever volunteered for and super cool! They have all sorts of stuff going on – music, art, talks! You obviously pick the shifts that you can make and they’ve got a super cool vollie family vibe going on! Plus, it’s literally all over Sydney so you might as well explore the city while you’re at it!

Parkes Elvis Festival @ Parkes (9/1-13/1): Held in the second week of January to coincide with the birthday of the King himself, this festival is now in its 27th year! Get your blue suede shoes on and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll (and learn from all those fabulous impersonators!!!)

Thredbo Blues Festival @ Thredbo (18/1-20/1): After volunteering 10-hours, the rest of the 3-days is up to have fun and get into the blues! If not going for the music, think about the beauty of Thredbo – which I admit is a little far – but so so beautiful!

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival @ Rozelle (3/2): So I’m hoping to volunteer at this too! Come and join me! It’s a one-day festival with a pretty ace line up – I’m looking forward to Courtney Barnett! Not a big commitment and not too far away! (Read the stuff under Volunteering!!!)

Mountain Sounds Festival @ Mt Penang Parklands (15/2-16/2): Um…. Angus and Julia Stone??? Literally, GO or I will be SO mad at you!!! Okay, it’s a bit far but SO so so worth it, don’t you think? (Check under Volunteering!)

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (15/2-3/3): Not just limited to music but a wide wide range of things, check out one of the biggest festivals in Sydney! Parties, balls, THE parade – there is so much to do, do it so you don’t get FOMO!

The Secret Garden @ Brownlow Hill (22/2-24/2): A 48-hour forest disco! Sounds absolutely insane, and fun! Sounds like a magical adventure of a lifetime… Oh! And you can request to volunteer with your bestie? How perfect for that time off you get!! Volunteer 2 x 4-hour shifts and the rest is your time to dance!

There are, of course, way more music festivals than just these:

FOMO19 @ Parramatta Park (12/1)

Tamworth Country Music Festival @ Tamworth (18/1-27/1)

So Frenchy So Chic @ Bicentennial Park Glebe (19/1)

Ultra Australia @ Parramatta Park (23/2-24/2): Doesn’t have a volunteering program but has an ambassador one!

Sydney City Limits @Centennial Park (24/2)

VOLUNTEER ! GO ! I don’t care – this country has so many wonderful opportunities to soak in all sorts of musical genres – enjoy your holiday before university starts back up!


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